Economic success in harmony with environmental and social responsibility.



VIB Vermögen AG has been committed to a long-term and sustainable growth strategy for almost 30 years. For us, it is paramount that our economic objectives go hand in hand with environmental and social responsibility, which we take extremely seriously. And our success proves us right: since its inception, VIB has grown into one of the most successful developers and portfolio managers of properties in the Logistics and Light Industrial and retail sectors in Germany.

Profitable long-term corporate development dovetailed with environmental and social responsibility


Economic factors as the basis for successful corporate development

  • Increase in rental income and FFO
  • Growth in own portfolio and institutional business
  • Increase in value of the real estate portfolio
  • lnhouse portfolio management
  • Needs-based real estate financing


Protection of the environment and sustainable use of resources

  • Sustainable construction (certification)
  • Reduction of energy consumption through optimisation of existing buildings
  • Reduction of land consumption through redevelopment
  • Expansion of photovoltaic capacities

Governance & Social

Good corporate governance through respect for laws and values

  • Compliance-compliant behaviour
  • Fair competition and prevention of corruption
  • Respect for diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance
  • Transparent corporate communication & data protection



In order to increase transparency towards our stakeholders, VIB Vermögen AG has been reporting in detail on sustainability for many years.
In our Sustainability Report, we not only set out our sustainability strategy and the interplay between VIB and its stakeholders, but also report on the progress of current ESG projects. The report covers sustainable construction in logistics and the photovoltaic strategy of VIB, as well as topics such as occupational health and safety on our building sites, diversity and employee pension schemes.

In order to meet the growing demands in respect of data transparency, we also publish a sustainability report that meets the stringent criteria of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA). The EPRA, an organisation based in Brussels, represents the interests of listed European property companies and helps them raise their profile. We are particularly proud of the fact that VIB once again received the award for the highest transparency standard in the “Gold” category.




ESG ratings are becoming increasingly important as a decision-making factor for investors who are investing in certain asset classes, e.g. real estates. Also VIB Vermögen AG seeks to achieve even more transparency in this area. Therefore, the sustainability of our company has been assessed by the EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) and the GRESB (Global Real Estate Benchmark) with good progress achieved in recent years.

For the years ahead, we have set ourselves the goal of continuously increasing the number/spectrum of ESG ratings for VIB. We regard transparent reporting as essential, as it fosters mutual trust between the capital market and the company.

ESG-Ratings VIB:

Categories “A” – “E”

categories gold / silver / bronze / no Award


“B” ↑

 “GOLD” →


“D” →

“GOLD” ↑




GRESB is a leading, investor-initiated rating system to present the sustainability performance for real estate companies and funds

EPRA evaluates the sustainability transparency of listed property companies using the EPRA Best Practice Sustainability Recommendations (sBPR).



Carbon neutrality

Heat pumps and heat recovery

Photovoltaic installation

Electric charging stations

The self-built company headquarters of VIB also sets the highest standards when it comes to environmental sustainability. The building, which boasts the latest standards in terms of cooling and air conditioning technology , only requires external sources of electricity to power the heat pumps. No fossil fuels are burnt at all. Furthermore, a ventilation system with heat recovery, LED lighting, charging stations for electric vehicles and green carport roofs can all be found on-site.

In addition, a photovoltaic installation is in place on the roof of the building. With output of 30 kWp per annum, the system’s savings work out at approx. 69 tonnes of CO2 since the system has been operational. As in the previous year, we also increased the share of total energy consumption attributable to renewable energies in 2020. In this regard, we are especially delighted that our electricity supply has been 100% from renewable energy sources since the start of 2021, which is due to the conclusion of a new supply agreement with our energy supplier. From this point on, our company headquarters will be operated in a climate-neutral manner.

For several years, VIB has been pursuing the goal of significantly expanding its photovoltaic capacity as part of its sustainability strategy. New-build projects are especially suitable in this regard, as crucial factors such as the load-bearing capacity of the roof, cables and the power of the electricity transformers can be taken into account during the planning phase. However, photovoltaics do not just have a role to play in terms of new builds. Where it is technically feasible and makes economic sense, we also review the option of retrofitting existing properties with solar installations.

In 2022, a PV capacity totalling 7,300 kWp was newly installed, almost doubling the total capacity within the VIB portfolio to some 15,700 kWp. This equates to a saving of 5,300 tonnes of CO₂ or some 2.0 million litres of heating oil.

We plan to continue systematically pursuing this route. VIB plans to gradually expand this capacity and reach a total installed capacity of at least 30,000 kWp by 2025.

Installed photovoltaic capacity at VIB (in kWp)

Our ambitious growth targets up to the end of 2022 were achieved as planned! We will strive to keep growing along the same lines in the years ahead!

Um nachhaltiges Bauen im Bereich der Entwicklung neuer Immobilien messbar zu machen, gewinnt die Gebäudezertifizierung nach international anerkannten Standards zunehmend an Bedeutung. Neben einer Zertifizierung nach BREEAM-Standard ist in Deutschland besonders eine Zertifizierung nach den Kriterien der DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.) weit verbreitet und hat mittlerweile im Bereich der Neubauten eine Marktabdeckung von 80 % erreicht.

Die VIB hat im Jahr 2021 drei Neuentwicklungen im Bereich Logistik und Büro zertifizieren lassen und dabei jeweils die zweithöchste Kategorie „DGNB Gold“ erreichen können. Eine Zertifizierung nach DGNB berücksichtigt nicht nur ökologische Aspekte, sondern verfolgt vielmehr eine ganzheitliche Betrachtung des gesamten Lebenszyklus einer Immobilie. So spielen neben ökologischen Aspekten auch andere Kriterien wie bspw. ein langfristig wirtschaftlicher Betrieb, Immissionsschutz, Rückbau- und Recyclingfreundlichkeit, Verkehrsanbindung oder ein barrierefreier Zugang zum Gebäude, eine wichtige Rolle.

Environmental Quality

  • Climate and Energy
  • Water
  • Materials and Recycling

Economic Quality

  • Operating Costs
  • Risk Management and Long-term Value
  • Procurement and Operations

Sociocultural and
Functional Quality

  • Indoor Comfort
  • User Satisfaction
  • Mobility

DGNB Gold certification for VIB development projects completed in 2021:






 9.400 m2

Logistik & Light Industrial


7.100 m2

Logistik & Light Industrial


3.200 m2



Governance & Social


The sustainable commercial success of VIB is based on responsible, transparent governance geared towards long-term value creation. This is also particularly relevant in terms of day-to-day dealings with our business partners, our tenants and the numerous actors on the financial and capital markets.

The main principles and fundamental rules underpinning our actions and our conduct towards business partners and the general public are summarised in the Code of Conduct of VIB Vermögen AG. We regard this Code as a guidance framework for employees, executives, Managing Board members and Supervisory Board members of VIB.

The standards we set for ourselves also apply to the conduct of our business partners. To ensure a responsible partnership with a lasting future, we encourage them to establish and implement similar principles and values in their own organisation.



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